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Dutch police teach eagles to take out drones

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From Mindy Weisberger at LiveScience:

The newest additions to the Dutch National Police (DNP) are North American “immigrants”: bald eagles that are specially trained to take down airborne drones.

The initiative is a first for law enforcement, according to DNP officials. They announced in a statement, released Sept. 13, that the DNP is currently the only police force in the world to include raptors on its roster for drone defense.

For the past year, the DNP has tested eagles’ prowess against flying drones, collaborating with a private company called Guard from Above that trains raptors to snatch drones out of the sky. The tests were so successful, the DNP reported, that the police force recently purchased juvenile bald eagles that it plans to train. Agents will work with the eagles hand in glove — literally, because eagle talons are extremely sharp.More.

<em>Coffee</em> Tins Chalk another one up for birds over mammals. The K-9 Corp never did that for you. And the bird never barked once, let alone monotonously.

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