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Fri nite frite: Oscar the Deathcat on YouTube.


The cat that gets friendly with elderly, demented people  in a care home when he “knows” they have definitely begun to die.

No responsible party is claiming that this is some kind of occultism. Most likely, the cat picks up some sense (via smell?) that the patient’s metabolism is failing. It’s relevant that these patients are not kept alive by extraordinary means, so whatever is happening is not necessarily beyond a cat’s power to sense. If he takes an interest in the matter, that is.

Relax, Oscar is not coming for you tonight. On the other hand … this IS frite nite …

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And yet the cat seems to know ... weird, eh? News
Haven't we all "begun to die"? Is there really any doubt about that? The trick is to understand what death really is and what life really is. Another question science cannot answer. Mung

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