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Are robots a threat to democracy?


Here’s a question for a lazy summer evening, should you be so lucky as to score one:

<em>Teapot</em> Cobalt Blue From James Vincent at the Verge:

Most economists agree that advances in robotics and AI over the next few decades are likely to lead to significant job losses. But what’s less often considered is how these changes could also impact social mobility. A new report from UK charity Sutton Trust explains the danger, noting that unless governments take action, the next wave of automation will dramatically increase inequality within societies, further entrenching the divide between rich and poor.

For example, the demand for paralegals and similar professions is likely to be reduced over the coming years as artificial intelligence is trained to handle more administrative tasks. In the UK more than 350,000 paralegals, payroll managers, and bookkeepers could lose their jobs if automated systems can do the same work. More.

Hey, no. Forget it. No idea how it works in Britain. But in Canada, the paralegal is the person you need to see if you have a difficult landlord, tenant, or neighbour. Or got sold a lemon.

Find out what you can legally do for less than CDN$100. From a human being who lives in your community, not a bank of canned answers.

(If you get arrested, call a lawyer, of course.)

Is there any reason to believe that a human being can invent a machine that another human being could not beat?

See also: Kasparov on augmented vs artificial intelligence

Thanks, polistra at 2. In Canada, paralegals often represent people in minor courts such as traffic court and in landlord-and-tenant hearings. It's cheaper and the paralegal tends to be a specialist in the area. Maybe the American paralegals should try to get those powers. News
In the US paralegals are not "retail lawyers". They don't meet the public. Mainly they do the grunt work of researching and preparing documents. So their jobs are already being replaced by computers. polistra

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