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For record: New Atheist objectors to design thought (at Anti-Evo etc.) reach new lows, hit rock bottom


. . . and begin to dig in further.

This is, of course, not exactly the first time that UD contributors and commenters have had to take note of the unfortunately strong tendency of evolutionary materialism advocates to resort to atmosphere-poisoning tactics instead of dealing with the issues posed by design thinkers  on the merits.

Now, atheistical objectors are of course quick to say “how dare you suggest that atheists are immoral.”

(Actually — to head off a notorious distractive strawman tactic talking point, the real issue is that secular humanist evolutionary materialISM, a worldview, has in it no foundational IS that can bear the weight of OUGHT, which from Plato on has been noted as opening the door to ruthless, domineering, destructive factions. And, yes, we all struggle with virtue, being finite, fallible, morally fallen, struggling and too often ill-willed. That means that we all need to make the walk towards the true and the right, and may need to point out where there is slippage. this post is pointing out a serious such case of slippage, one that does harm and hurt. Further to all this, such evo mat is actually necessarily false, because it is self-refuting.)

But, I must protest. For, when a decent grandmother faces the dragging of her name in sexual filth, that is plainly showing a hostility to and disrespect for women that no decent civilisation — and no decent person — should tolerate. Period.

That must stop now, and it should be frankly and publicly apologised for.

It must not be allowed to happen again.

Nothing can excuse such shamelessly disrespectful guttersnipe behaviour.


That is bad enough.

However, astonishingly, the matter is not yet at rock bottom.

Rock bottom is worse than that.

Yes, worse. Though, subtler.

Far worse, once you know a little of historical context, as we can now cite Wiki as testifying against interest as a principal web publisher of secular humanist evolutionary materialist conventional wisdom under colours of knowledge. Speaking especially of that former, unlamented atheistical workers paradise, the USSR, it notes:

The use of [mental] hospitals instead of jails [to lock up dissidents] prevents the victims from receiving legal aid before the courts, makes indefinite incarceration possible, discredits the individuals and their ideas . . .

So, when we see atheistical objectors to design thought now routinely trying to suggest that design theory proponents here at UD and elsewhere are mentally unstable, they now need to explain themselves in light of that notorious practice of atheistical regimes.

And in particular, Mr Dawkins needs to now explain himself very seriously indeed about his longstanding assertion that tried to brand objectors to his evolutionary materialism as ignorant, stupid, insane or wicked.

(One may disagree with those who hold and advocate design views, but do kindly — in the name of common decency and basic broughtupcy — deal with the matter on its merits, not on vicious personalities or on snide suggestions that enable the unhinged or abusive to do what plainly ought never to be done. [If you want to deal with such on the merits, kindly start here, here, here and even here.])

But it does not stop with those who are trying to smear people with false accusations of insanity or mental instability as a way to avoid actually having to deal with the issue on its merits.

Or, smear decent women with false and disrespectful accusations.

Or, resort to outing tactics.

Or, resort to cyberstalking and cyber-bullying.

Or, post photoshopped real-world pictures modified to indulge in unhinged personal mockery and taunting. Pictures, that, by the way, are tantamount to targetting information.

Or, try to get people fired from jobs or excluded from employment — which has issued in recent cases where fines have had to be paid for doing that.

Or even, those who make snide threats to innocent family members.

No, the issue extends to those who harbour, associate with, encourage or tolerate such destructive behaviour.

It is therefore high time for those who hang around at Anti Evo and similar fora to take a serious look in the mirror.

And, they need to recognise that if they do not clean up their act bigtime, they are making it all too plain that they are spiritual cousins to those who abused science, medicine, psychiatry and institutions of health care to lock up, bully and pump full of mind altering drugs, dissidents in the USSR.

Last, but not least, the habitual resort to such guttersnipe tactics leaves the clear implication that we are here dealing with out of control ideologues who have not got a sound case on the merits but believe they will prevail by smearing filth and acting as ill-brought-up bullies.

Such bullies need to know that their want of common decency is duly noted, with all it implies.

Those who encourage or tolerate such behaviour, need to know that such enabling behaviour will inevitably taint them as well.

Surely, in the name of common decency, you can do better than this, Anti Evo et al. END