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Global Warming

Environmental Journalists: Prosecutor, Judge & Jury?

In “Global Warming Propaganda Factory” American Thinker, (Aug. 03, 2007) Christopher J. Alleva describes how the “Society for Environmental Journalists” provides Climate change: A guide to the information and disinformation. Alleva observes: “Except for the seventh chapter titled with the freighted descriptive: “Deniers, Dissenters and Skeptics“, the guide is a one sided presentation that resoundingly affirms Read More…

Global Warming

Biomass aerosols may regionally heat more than CO2

Brown haze from burning biomass in Asia and Africa may contribute regionally as much as greenhouse gas emissions to anthropogenic climate warming according to reports in Nature. Designing efficient cookstoves for the poor could improve their livelihood, improve health, and the environment. How would investing in cookstoves compare to carbon sequestration? The heat is on Read More…