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Another biologist steps out of line …

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In “Explosive adaptive radiations explained without Darwin” (Access Research Network, December 12, 2011), David Tyler explains,

Most biological students think that adaptive radiations and Darwinism go together, and that the mechanisms of genetic mutation and natural selection explain all the data. However, in most cases, this explanation is assumed and not supported by evidence. It is assumed because of the dominance of neodarwinism in evolutionary biology and because students are very impressed with the “mountains of evidence” claimed to support the consensus. Happily, there are some biologists prepared to step outside the paradigm, and one of them is Austin Hughes from the University of South Carolina.


Plasticity is a word I see more and more invoked to explain unlikely results in biology. I think they are saying this. Robert Byers
I don't think the paper says what you think it says. Petrushka
This researcher is saying evolution doesn't work. They need another idea. Plasticity. Thats it!! That will cover the unlikelyness of helpful mutations being johnny on the spot. Robert Byers
The thing about scientists is they start out with a desire for truth and new knowledge. Mytheos

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