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Fri nite frite II: Atheist apocalypses and unbeliever unbelievables

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Not necessarily impossible.

From the Daily Mail:

Killer robots and crippling cyber attacks: How the world is going to end – according to super brains such as Stephen Hawking

Members of a society, which includes Stephen Hawking and Robert May, will identify threats to humanity and devise ways of ensuring its survival

The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) is led by the Astronomer Royal and Cambridge don Martin Rees

How about:

A man-made super virus or bacteria with no antidote escapes the lab or is released by terrorists. Millions die.

Not to get all religious here or anything but, dear reader: You personally (and me too, which is even worse 😉 ) are certain to die one day, and could easily get ourselves killed today. Without any apocalypse whatever, and despite our best efforts to prevent it.

Some of us are not fans of apocalypses for that explicit reason. They are superfluous.


Now back to science news of interest to the UD community tomorrow (with frequent stops for coffee along the way).


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If killer robots are involved, I hope the end looks exactly like the love child of the Transformer films and Pacific Rim. Barb
When we get picked off piecemeal, one by one without exception, that's life. But at the prospect of it happening to everyone at once? That's a job for... "It's flock of birds! It's a flight of planes!" "No, it's Superbrains!" jstanley01

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