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Jerry Coyne takes a stand: Sex is binary

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Jerry Coyne
Jerry Coyne

We’ve been tough on Darwin’s Jerry (Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne) in the past but you have to admire a man who can stand against the government-fuelled transgender brain scrambler and insist on the value of observed evidence of usual patterns:

To be a bit more precise, biological sex in humans is bimodal: if you do a frequency plot with “sex” on the X axis and “frequency of individuals conforming to that sex” on the Y axis, you get a huge peak at “male”, another huge peak at “female”, and then a few tiny blips in between that conform to hermaphrodites or intersexes…

And it’s especially galling that biologists, of all people—even evolutionary biologists, who should know better—will assert that sex is not a binary. I was appalled, for instance, when the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), of which I used to be President, issued a woke-ish statement that neither sex nor gender were binary (see link below). That’s misleading for both terms, but especially for sex. Do they not know the evolutionary rationale for having distinct and separate sexes? (Answer: yes they do, but they’re trying to be woke.)

Jerry Coyne, “A defense of the binary in human sex” at Why Evolution is True


Jerry may well be brought down by this. Increasingly, “wokeness” rather than correct factual description, will confer academic esteem in science—thanks principally due to the progressivism (that Jerry has always supported) taking hold.

Persecuting the Sokal hoaxers was only the beginning. Progressive science does not need to represent reality or even make sense. It need only be enforced against all skepticism. To their credit, the progressives are not hypocrites. They will swiftly demonstrate their sincerity in instituting propaganda as science, given any kind of a chance.

See also: Kastrup responds to Coyne: No, consciousness CANNOT be just a byproduct. Kastrup, as readers will see, hasn’t a whole lot of patience with Coyne. One can only wonder why. 😉

Jerry Coin is much funnier than I thought. "And it’s especially galling that biologists, of all people—even evolutionary biologists, who should know better—will assert that sex is not a binary." This is funny coming from someone who believes macro evolution exists without evidence. BobRyan
Poor Jerry, caught between the illusion of Darwinian evolution on one side with the illusion of genderism encroaching on the other side. He will just have to fall back on his belief that, as an atheist materialist, his mind and consciousness must also be an illusion. Given a choice, any illusion will do as well as any other, I suppose. Fasteddious
Is Dr Coyne acting a little intolerant against the opinions of other people? Aren't all opinions relatively right, at least according to the theory he believes to be true and even shows why it's true in his own website? Aren't our minds just the result of the stochastic electrical signals dancing in our brains? Aren't our brains the products of unguided evolutionary processes? Then why making such a big deal of whatever somebody out there says about anything? Doesn't the theory he believes in --and even publicly claims that he knows why it's true-- suggest that it's better to think more Epicurean-wise? Doesn't that mean that he should simply chill out, take it easy and disregard what others think or say? Why would anybody have to do or say things that Dr Coyne likes? Where is that rule written in? According to his own beliefs, we all, including him, can think and do whatever we please, right? There's no absolute, objective moral standard, right? Dr Coyne seems to preach something and request something else at the same time. Isn't that double standard? Can somebody explain? jawa

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