Have a look at this robotic ape …

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for space exploration studies:

The spine works alongside other components to create a complex biomechanical system capable of traversing obstacles that would defeat wheeled vehicles – the robot even shuffles to balance itself on moving surfaces, shifting its centre of gravity as the ground tilts beneath it.

The iStruct “robot ape” is under test as a potential space explorer at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) – and is just one of several “biologically inspired” robot explorers under test, including robot insects.

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    creatoblepas says:

    Give the robot to Dawkins and with his famous computer program “weasel” he will be able to mutate by chance the program of the monkey in a few hours in orfer the animal jumps from a tree to another. Perhaps if Dr. Liddle helps him the evolution could be in minutes

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