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By the way, Darwin’s Doubt at Amazon, November 1, 2013, about 4:50 EST

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On behalf of YEC creationists everywhere its a beautiful thing to see another creationists thinker with another creationists book of influence. it was the talk of the summer eh. its an iD thinker but it pushes forward the decline of bad/dumb ideas in science. It raises the intellectual stakes for origin subjects and means evolutionists are taking a chance of being the wrong guys in progressive ideas in science as one reads about in the past. A paradigm change if you will threatens. Its impossible for thoughtful scientists to question a theory(evolution) and that theory remain credible as a theory. It must retreat to a hypothesis. No true theories otherwise exist when scientists disagree. Scientists or any thoughtful competent thinkers on these subjects. I smell evolutionist thinkers feel this books subject, case, and success is a disaster. no offence our evolutionist friends or combatants but science demands the truth or their is no prestige to science. Intelligence in investigation over time demolishes previous inferior investigation. Their is a audience out there for rather technical books on these subjects. We need more creationist or evolution skeptics books to bring the end sooner then later. I offer the idea of a book on Dartwins second book. Its crazy wrong, crazy research, crazy thinking, crazy to claim Darwin as a thinker of science. Its like his newtons stuff on alchemy and numbers. Yet it shows why his first book was never a scientific investigation. superficial facts and a hunch. Sombody could do a great book on Darwins second book. Before the bad guys realize they need to do damage control. Robert Byers
Dr.Meyer is a great author and his books deserve the success. He collates scientific papers from both side of debate and presents his inference in succinct manner. I believe that's the reason people like Dr.Dawkins refuse to debate him. They know when facts are debated, they will lose. selvaRajan
I wonder if Dawkins has an evolutionary explanation for his "appetite for wonder." According to Wikipedia he has a single child, a daughter. Maybe "appetite for wonder" is less fit than "appetite for sex." Mung
Meanwhile: #2 in Books > Professional & Technical > Professional Science > Evolution An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist by Richard Dawkins Mung

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