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Karl Giberson has left BioLogos


Over at Why Evolution Is True, Jerry Coyne says that Karl Giberson has left Christian Darwinist site BioLogos:

I am informed that Karl Giberson, formerly Executive Vice President of The BioLogos Foundation, has left the organization. He has disappeared from their posted list of “team members,” hasn’t yet been replaced, and confirmed to me by email that he resigned.

Sources speculate that for a site that tried to provide a bridge for Christians to cross over to Darwinism, Giberson was a bridge too far:

This from Al Mohler, for example, wasn’t going to help much:

… he throws the Bible under the bus. In language hauntingly reminiscent of Reverend Clarence Arthur Wilmot [novelist John Updike’s classic liberal reverend], Professor Giberson describes the human authors of the Old Testament as “ancient and uncomprehending scribes.”In his new book, The Language of Science and Faith:, written with Francis S. Collins, readers will find this strange paragraph …

Or this either, from Bill Dembski:

The product that’s being sold is theistic evolution, the view that God brought about the complexity and diversity of living forms, once first life was here, via the Darwinian evolutionary mechanism of natural selection acting on random genetic mutations. More briefly, they are marketing a mix of Christianity and Darwinism and using the BioLogos website and educational foundation as their distribution outlet (Collins founded BioLogos and Giberson is its vice president). Early in the book, Giberson and Collins gesture at evolutionary theory as something more general than Darwinism (biological evolution, they contend, has come a long way since Darwin). But soon enough, they make clear that the core of evolutionary theory that they are defending is in fact Darwinism: “. . . Darwin’s theory of evolution, now that it has been confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt by science . . .” (89).


Thoughts? Yeah. What happened? Did he have a frank talk with a pastor or something? I dabbled in liberal Christianity for a while, and I gotta tell ya, it doesn't take long before a wise person points out the errors of your ways. CannuckianYankee

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