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Remember Dennis Venema? He’s that born again Darwinist at Canada’s Trinity Western University, and … he’s wanted for questioning

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Dennis Venema? Think way back to Thomas Cudworth’s question: If Venema had really been an ID guy – he says he has seen the error of his ways, and repented, and believes Darwin -how come no one in Canada knew about his fall from grace or his redemption?

Okay, okay, we confess we were all too busy sorting through our just endless Twitter feeds, to say nothing of obsessively updating our Facebook pages, to notice the epic journey.

Maybe we would have slept through Terry Fox’s run too. (Except we didn’t.)

Another problem is that Venema’s analysis of Steve Meyer’s Signature in the Cell (Harper One, 2009) didn’t seem to benefit from actually reading the book. It wasn’t a noview, but like his boss at BioLogos Darrel Falk, he needed to believe that Meyer was attacking the most sacred icon, Darwin, when Meyer’s primary concern was origin of life (which means origin of the cell).

Well now, Discovery Institute has – in the person of fellow David Klinghoffer – challenged him to explain:

We extend this respectful invitation to Dr. Venema to read what Casey Luskin has to say and give us his response. We don’t routinely open the comments feature at ENV because of the staffing requirement that comes into play when we do, cleaning up after Darwinists who don’t know how to have a discussion on science without descending to the gutter. But on Casey Luskin’s reply to Venema regarding LTEE, E. coli, and the results reported by Richard Lenski, the gates to all commenters are now thrown wide open.

And you can too. Go here to read Luskin’s article and comment.

See also: “Cudworth, Dennis Venema’s Christian Darwinism is an alarming symptom – but only a symptom – of a much bigger problem”

We've had to wait a while too at times. It's an office,with regular hours, not like Uncommon Descent. ;) News
Maybe only Dennis Venema's comments are accepted. paragwinn
Curious. ENV said their comments were open. I wrote nothing defamatory, but mine has yet to appear. DrREC

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