Christian Darwinism

The Christian Darwinist addresses the lowly masses

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Just recently, I saw a video clip where an obviously self-important Christian history professor was explaining that “evolution” is the fundamental assumption of all biology.

I remember thinking, yes, but sciences can and do make progress even when their fundamental assumptions about how things happen are wrong. In fact, that’s quite common, because evidence is what usually leads to progress. And theory only sometimes.

The current Darwin toxin in biology’s system makes it very difficult, in my experience, to have any reasonable discussion of evolution as a fact. It’s all about how Darwin was right.

On any find, immediately the Darwinist blunders forward and – dismissing where the evidence in any given case – insists “It’s Darwin”. Or, when that can’t possibly work, “We don’t understand why it’s not Darwin” (= that’s very rare.)

No, I have learned that it is not rare in nature at all, only in the endless stream of science news flowing through my box.

Note: The Christian Darwinist prof benefits hugely from all this, because he needed deal in fact, only in wringing his hands about why the masses don’t believe.

2 Replies to “The Christian Darwinist addresses the lowly masses

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    aedgar says:

    The term “Christian Darwinist” is an oxymoron. This professor might be a Darwinist, but Christian, now way. Even the Darwinists he is trying to appease and gain approval from will repudiate him. This professor should ask Richard Dawkins et al what they think about “Christian Darwinists”.

    “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven” – Matthew 7:21

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    T. lise says:

    # O’Leary,

    Darwinist who are Christians don’t like the fact that they are called Theistic Evolutionist (not a good phrase for public relation, I guess). Therefore invent terms like “Fully gifted creation” “Evolutionary creation” “Biologos” etc etc etc.. In the midst of all these public relation stuffs going on.. you come up with “Christian Darwinists” Ha Ha Ha.. have fun!!

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