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Scientific American on Tennessee teacher protection law: Hollywood’s climate change script at risk

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Tennessee Law Will Allow Teachers to Challenge Climate Science

In a state famous for putting evolution on trial in the 20th century, teachers will now be able to avoid instructing students on the science behind global warming

By Christa Marshall and ClimateWire | April 11, 2012 |

Who the hoo-haw is ClimateWire? Was ever a byline so daft? A pressure group gets credit?

Worst case scenario?: Some smart alec student might ask why celebs jet around the globe, asking poor folk to use less fuel.

Anyway, we are told,

Gov. Bill Haslam (R) of Tennessee declined to act on a measure yesterday that would formally allow teachers to challenge “the teaching of some scientific subjects,” including global warming, evolution and human cloning. Without the governor’s signature, the bill becomes law by default later this month.

Should have been tomorrow dawn, really.

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One would almost think climate science is as unfounded as evolution. Anyways they seem to feel the public would not be persuaded by climate science and only by presenting it as the only option will the public agree to its truth. "The times they are achanging" Robert Byers

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