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When “war on science” means “daring to fight corruption”

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From the trenches:

Obviously, academic freedom means nothing when one’s views differ from the liberal faculty majority – or when they contrast with views and “science” that garners the university millions of dollars a year from government, foundation, corporate and other sources, to advance the alarmist climate change agenda. All these institutions are intolerant of research by scientists like Legates, because they fear losing grant money if they permit contrarian views, discussions, debates or anything that questions the climate chaos “consensus.” At this point, academic freedom and free speech obviously apply only to advance selected political agendas, and campus “diversity” exists in everything but opinions.

Climate alarmists have been implicated in the ClimateGate scandal, for conspiring to prevent their adversaries from receiving grants, publishing scientific papers, and advancing their careers. Yet they are staunchly supported by their universities, professional organizations, union – and groups like Greenpeace.

Meanwhile, climate disaster skeptics are vilified and harassed by these same groups, who pretend they are fighting to “let scientists conduct research without the threat of politically motivated attacks.” Far worse, we taxpayers are paying the tab for the junk science – and then getting stuck with regulations, soaring energy bills, lost jobs and reduced living standards…based on that bogus science.

The article offers damning specifics about how universities and science organizations apply completely different standards, without embarrassment, depending on whether the research provides evidence for or against a climate change agenda.

Whatever the climate may be doing, one thing is obvious: Some powerful interests stand disproportionately to gain if people believe it is happening, and are persuaded to accept them and their policies as saviours, irrespective of evidence.

It becomes obvious that they are not very interested in facts. ANyne interested in facts, accepts “contrarian” facts are part of reality. – O’Leary for News

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Meanwhile here locally (emphasis added)...
Bihl Haus Arts, 2803 Fredericksburg Road, hosts an opening reception 6-8 p.m. Friday for “HOT!” a multi-arts exhibit of more than 30 original works by local and regional artists, writers and performers who were invited to respond to the climate change crisis. The exhibit runs through Sept. 12. Poetry readings, workshops, film screenings and panel discussions related to climate change will be held at Bihl Haus or the nearby Woodlawn Theater through the exhibit's end. Visit: www.bihlhausarts.org.
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