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World population trends modelled 10,000 BC – 2100 AD


Here is a model of the top 15 “countries” across the span from the Agricultural Revolution onwards:

Food for thought on trends and implications. Notice, the principle that trends (like pie-crusts) are made to be broken. To truly predict, we need dynamics and some reasonable idea of contingencies. Don’t forget to take reconstructions of the deep unrecorded past and future projections with a grain of salt. END

SAZ, yes, I wonder at the reconstruction of deep past populations. KF kairosfocus
That's real pretty, but I wonder why anybody would bother to post such a thing. We are not even aware of how many cities are/were in South America, so how can anybody guess at population? We are still discovering lost cities concealed by jungles, and they are big cities. The number of cities in Guatamala increased by ten times recently because they found a new way to look under the trees in satellite pictures. SmartAZ
World population trends modelled 10,000 BC – 2100 AD kairosfocus

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