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BBC on the “evolution” of robots (missing the “by design” part)

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BBC has done a mini-series on the “evolution” of robots, even speaking of invasive species. The silence on the “by design” part is conspicuous, especially as they use a biologist (male) and an engineer (female) as their key personalities:

The blindness to the obvious is glaring, inadvertently showing the blinding power of a dominant, flawed paradigm.

But, what about reproduction and evolution? Here, von Neumann’s self replicating machine gives us a window into the further required level of design involved:

A von Neumann kinematic self-replicator

What we are seeing, in short, is induced blindness to the obvious.

Where, of course, simply the use of alphanumeric, algorithmic code

DNA is a string digital data structure which stores coded information in the specific sequence of bases, G/C/A/T, both for protein coding and for regulation/control

. . . and thus, communication systems

Yockey’s analysis of protein synthesis as a code-based communication process

. . . in D/RNA to make proteins is a big clue that language, intelligence and design are antecedent to cell-based, protein-using biological life:

Protein Synthesis (HT: Wiki Media)

We need to ask some very pointed questions about what is going on, not only in the media but in academic and professional institutions. Such blindness is not accidental. END

Sad, but increasingly true. kairosfocus
How does that old line go? The man who doesn't get any of his information from the BBC is merely uninformed, while the man who does get his information from the BBC is misinformed. Still holds. ScuzzaMan
BBC on the “evolution” of robots (missing the “by design” part) kairosfocus

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