Convergent evolution

Parallel development in crocodile eyes

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fossil crocodile mandible/D. De Francesci; CCAL

From ScienceDaily:

Long-snouted crocodylians in South America, India evolved separately to adopt river-dwelling lifestyle, protruding eyes

The 13-million-year-old fossils of an extinct crocodylian, named ‘the storyteller,’ suggest that South American and Indian species evolved separately to acquire protruding, ‘telescoped’ eyes for river-dwelling, according to a study published April 20, 2016 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Rodolfo Salas-Gismondi from the University de Montpellier, France, and colleagues. Paper. (public access) More.

Parallel evolution from ScienceDaily:

One of the most spectacular examples of parallel evolution is provided by the two main branches of the mammals, the placentals and marsupials, which have followed independent evolutionary pathways following the break-up of land-masses such as Gondwanaland roughly 100 million years ago.

While some forms were unique to each environment, surprisingly similar animals have often emerged in two or three of the separated continents.

Examples of these include the litopterns and horses, whose legs are difficult to distinguish; the European sabre-tooth tiger (Smilodon) and the South American marsupial sabre-tooth (Thylacosmilus); the Tasmanian wolf and the European wolf; likewise marsupial and placental moles, flying squirrels, and (arguably) mice.

We need to pay more attention to parallel evolution.

See also: Evolution appears to converge on goals—but in Darwinian terms, is that possible?

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5 Replies to “Parallel development in crocodile eyes

  1. 1
    Andre says:

    Emerged… poof! Like magic! And we are called superstitious…..

  2. 2
    Robert Byers says:

    Well first this YEC inmsists there was no convergent evolution between marsupials and placentals. So its not surprising to find marsupial wolves, bears, lions, mice, etc etc in exact likeness to other bears, lions, wolves,.
    Its surprising to see evolutionists insist they are not the same creatures. just because of a few minor details due to location, location, location.
    Do they think people groups are not the same species? Afriad to ask them these days!!
    likewise the litopterns and horses have like legs and heads and bodies because they were the same dumb horses. Its just the litopterns upon migrating to S america had minor details that they acquired to make later folks put them into different groups.

    its probably the same croc in both areas.

    I wrote a essay on this called “Post Flood marsupial migration explained” by robert Byers. just google.
    Its just a flawed classification system based on grouping traits.

  3. 3
    awstar says:

    Seems like they’ve stumbled upon a pattern in nature that gives empirical evidence of resulting from having a targeted purpose — i.e. real teleology.

    They can call it “parallel evolution” if they wish, but all they are really doing is equating parallel evolution to intelligent design, which they equate to creationism. Therefore, they are actually confessing themselves to be “creationists”

    reference Dembski:

    “Intelligent design is the study of patterns (hence “design”) in nature that give empirical evidence of resulting from real teleology (hence “intelligent”).

  4. 4
    Zachriel says:

    News: Evolution appears to converge on goals—but in Darwinian terms, is that possible?

    Yes. See Darwin, Origin of Species 1859.

  5. 5
    Robert Byers says:

    Parallel evolution has been talked about by evolutionists for a long time.
    they would see it fitting in their models
    They wouldn’t say there is a target. Just like selection triggers.
    In this case its also not convergent evolution. They use that to explain why marsupials are bullseye lookalikes with placentals.
    They don’t score them on the thousands of traits that make the bodies look alike BUT RATHER on the dozens or less traits that are held mutually by “marsupials” in these areas.
    In fact it is just the area that brought the few traits (including pouches) and the lookalike traits do mean marsupials are just placentals with pouches.
    It also fits in YEC models for migration from the ark.

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