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Coffee wagon now fixed!!: Cosmology – A memo from the End of All Things Is at Hand Department


We are advised as follows at New Scientist, in “Dark galaxy crashing into the Milky Way” (22 November 2009):

THE Milky Way’s neighbourhood may be teeming with invisible galaxies, one of which appears to be crashing into our own.

In 2008, a cloud of hydrogen with a mass then estimated at about 1 million suns was found to be colliding with our galaxy. Now it appears the object is massive enough to be a galaxy itself.

Called Smith’s cloud, it has managed to avoid disintegrating during its smash-up with our own, much bigger galaxy. What’s more, its trajectory suggests it punched through the disc of our galaxy once before, about 70 million years ago.

I can’t wait till the movie comes out, and I also want to collect the DVD.

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