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Cosmology: Top physicist abandoning now-doubtful string theory in favour of “knot theory”?

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That’s the word on the street.

From Dick Ahlstrom, “Leaving string theory in knots,” ( The Irish Times, September 29, 2011), we learn,

[Edward] Witten’s Hamilton Lecture will abandon string theory, however, in favour of knots, with a talk entitled: The Quantum Theory of Knots.

Witten describes knot theory as being able to delve into the deep recesses of mathematical research but also as something that can be explained in “down-to- earth terms that everyone can understand”.

Okay, but New Scientist has been doing that for years. We know all about the giant holograms and alien computer sims. We don’t know what dope they smoke, that’s all.

Hat tip: Not Even Wrong


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