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No rational person can doubt that Earth is a mediocre planet (Copernican Principle)

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So says former president of the Royal Astronomical society Michael Rowan-Robinson

Michael Rowan-Robinson emphasizes the importance of the Copernican principle: “It is evident that in the post-Copernican era of human history, no well-informed and rational person can imagine that the Earth occupies a unique position in the universe.” – Rowan-Robinson, Michael (1996). Cosmology (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press. pp. 62–63. ISBN 978-0-19-851884-6.

Actually, anyone who knows how finely tuned the earth is for life would say the opposite. SO far we have turned up absolutely nothing of life beyond Earth and Earth is stuffed with life in the most unheard-of places, as well as expected ones:

Irritatingly (for materialists), Earth seems particularly fine-tuned for life. We live in a nice neighborhood on a spiral arm of the galaxy, far from the black holes, supernovas (exploding stars) and magnetars (deadly radiation sources) at the center. But not so far as to lack heavy elements such as iron. And we have nice neighbors. Giant Jupiter stays far away and sucks up the asteroids that would otherwise kill us. By contrast, the giant uninhabitable planets that orbit stars other than our Sun either hog the habitable space or follow deadly, wonky orbits. Earth, by contrast, is a Goldilocks planet, just right for life.

Unable to dispute it, materialist cosmologists allow us to know they don’t like it.

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The heart, our chosen world-view, is indeed, a great leveler. At least it means, if we get to heaven, we won't have to make nice with Dr Mengele. Not that I'm lumping Rowan-Robinson with the latter in terms of evil, but rather commenting on the folly, the lack of wisdom which our societies are reluctant to associate with the highly-educated, in the teeth of all the evidence that they are certainly not all privileged stars in that regard. Axel
Poor old Anthony Flew. How DID he get to teach philosophy at Oxford? And to think, after years as a campaigning atheist, he finally became convinced of deism by the facts of fine-tuning. Axel
*sigh* I'm so sick of the "you're dumb because you don't agree with my opinion or belief" that I hear constantly in every facet of daily life. Calling someone dumb doesn't make your opinion, belief, or argument any stronger. Show me that there is another Earth with intelligent life. *waits patiently* wentzelitis

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