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Oldest galaxy spotted 12.91 bn light years away … and this time it may be real?

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From “’Oldest galaxy’ discovered using Hawaii telescope” (The Guardian, 12 June 2012), we learn that “Japanese astronomers on Hawaii say they have found a galaxy 12.91bn light years away”:

Richard Ellis of the California Institute of Technology, an influential expert in cosmology and galaxy formation, said the latest work was more convincing than some other claims of early galaxies.

He said the Japanese claim was more “watertight”, using methods that everyone can agree on. But he said it was not much of a change from a similar finding by the same team last year.

“It’s the most distant bullet-proof one that everybody believes,” Ellis said.

In 2010, a French team using Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope claimed to have discovered a galaxy 13.1bn light years away and last year a California team using Hubble said it had seen a galaxy 13.2bn light years away. Both Hubble teams published findings in the journal Nature.


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