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Some wonder: Could left-handed cosmic magnetic field explain missing antimatter?

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From ScienceDaily:

The discovery of a ‘left-handed’ magnetic field that pervades the universe could help explain a long standing mystery — the absence of cosmic antimatter. A group of scientists, led by Prof Tanmay Vachaspati from Arizona State University in the United States, with collaborators at Washington University and Nagoya University, announce their result in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.


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crev.info has this to say about it:
The physicist who proposes this solution says,
“With this new result, we have one of the first hints that we might be able to solve this mystery.”
It seems to just push the problem one step back, though: why would the universe show a preference for one hand over the other… or both? It’s back to the fine-tuning of initial conditions that kept our universe from annihilating itself.
http://crev.info/2015/05/plentiful-water-in-universe/#sthash.zVuN9rUB.dpuf At the end of the article, we read this commentary:
Try Google-searching “big bang predictions” and you will likely find Bob Enyart’s list of failed big bang predictions at the top. The video clip about “Big Bang’s Missing Antimatter” is particularly amusing. Ask yourself; isn’t science supposed to be about things we know?
OT: Jonathan McLatchie, who has posted here on UD from time to time, had a debate today on the Unbelievable radio broadcast Unbelievable? The Islamic vs Christian view of God. Abdurraheem Green vs Jonathan McLatchie http://www.premierchristianradio.com/Shows/Saturday/Unbelievable/Episodes/Unbelievable-The-Islamic-vs-Christian-view-of-God.-Abdurraheem-Green-vs-Jonathan-McLatchie bornagain77

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