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String theorist, theory in doubt, starts accusing critic of being like a vaccination opponent


A reason we newsies like Peter Woit, the skeptical mathematician at Not Even Wrong is that it’s very difficult to get actual coverage of news in cosmology from the pop science mags these days.

What one gets from pop science media is not evaluation of ideas in danger, like the Higgs boson and string theory, but evangelism for them.

Meanwhile, in “String and M-theory: answering the critics” (December 7, 2011), Woit tells us about recent attacks on his work by string and multiverse theorists, in particular:

Mike Duff has a new preprint out, a contribution to the forthcoming Foundations of Physics special issue on “Forty Years of String Theory” entitled String and M-theory: answering the critics. Much of it is the usual case string theorists are trying to make these days, but it also includes vigorous ad hominem attacks on Lee Smolin and me (I’m described as having an “unerring gift for inaccuracy”, and we’re compared to people who campaign against vaccination “in the face of mainstream scientific opinion”). One section consists of a rather strange 3-page rant about Garrett Lisi’s work and the attention it has gotten, a topic that has just about nothing to do with string theory.

But that’s easy to explain, psychologically if not mathematically: If Woit’s criticism was off side, the theorist would patiently reexplain his theory. When his criticism hit the mark, the stung theorist started shouting about vaccination or something.  Maybe Galileo. By the time a theorist is hanging by a thread of metal off one hinge, he’ll probably start channelling the shadowy theocrats that “he knows” control Woit and other string skeptics … .

Woit adds,

String theorists have a problem not just with the public, but with their colleagues. The main reason for this is not Smolin or me, but the failure of the string theory research program.

What does that remind us of?

Timbo, Just what do YOU know about the truth? You appear to be using this forum to harass and for obfuscation. Jello doesn't know squat about the Bible and comes across as a whiny little baby, which is par for the course with your ilk. Good day... Joe
KF you appear to be using this as a personal forum to air your grievances. That makes for very boring reading. I would rather see Jello's remarks and see a substantive response if you have one. You are coming across like a petty dictator. You are also coming across like someone who can't handle the truth. Timbo
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Yawn. Your worst offence is that you are boring and repetitious. Timbo
GCOGreyArea, I have been put in moderation several times on this blog. Not once did I run back to my blog or some other forum and start crying and maligning this site nor the people running it. I have been banned from Telic Thoughts and not once have I said anything bad about it nor the people running it. I have been banned form the EvC forum and not once have I said anything bad about it nor the people running it. OTOH evotards ALWAYS run back to their swamps and start a hissy-fit every time they get warned or moderated. Not that you would undersatnd the difference... Joe
As you know, it has been common practice here for people to be put in moderation or banned based on things they allegedly say elsewhere.
Obviously you are confused because if that happens it happens because of what is said about this blog and the people running it. Are you really that daft tat you cannot grasp that simple fact?
Please demonstrate where I have lied about ID or misrepresented it.
All anti-IDists lie about ID or misrepresent it. And you are hiding behind a sock-puppet. Joe
Hee hee Mytheos
You are obviously confused. I don’t use that laguage here.
As you know, it has been common practice here for people to be put in moderation or banned based on things they allegedly say elsewhere. All apart from you it would seem!
So the point is you and your ilk think that you can just sit back, lie about and misrepresent ID and IDists,
Please demonstrate where I have lied about ID or misrepresented it. I'm aware that even hinting that ID advocates like KF are being dishonest is a capital offense but is seems there are a different set of rules for him and you than for the rest of us. GCUGreyArea
Which human? Some are being impatient, while others are being intolerant. Some are being important while others are being impotent. Some are being abused while others are being amused. Joe
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With people like Joe working defence is it any wonder ID ran aground?
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You are obviously confused. I don't use that laguage here. How I take out the trash on my blog or else-where is my business and the business of the people running those forums/ blogs. Sadly pathetic people who cannot present any science to support their sad position are forced to drag mud into this blog, act like a three-year old tattle-tale never disclosing that the "person" I am attacking attacks ID and IDists on an hourly basis, and sits back and really believes this supports their position and refutes ID. And now we have this sockpuppet coming here trying to defend that. So the point is you and your ilk think that you can just sit back, lie about and misrepresent ID and IDists, then come here and act all innocent-> and people are going to believe you? Are you REALLY that warped? Joe
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Hello Jello, You remain coming at the issue from the wrong domain. It is not the wedge document, or Behe, or Meyer, or the CSC, or UD , or Joe G that is your problem. It is the physical evidence itself that threatens you. Your position has been challenged, among other things, by the observed physical evidence of a semiotic state in genomic information transfer. Such a system can only function by the inclusion of two physical objects which are instantiated with immaterial qualities. They are obsolutely required for the transfer of information from the genome. Without them, none of it works. And, they are observable. Bitching about people isn't going to change that fact. Upright BiPed
And your point is? Joe
Nice job Ace- when your position is exposed as the nonsense it is just attack the person exposing it. Pathetic imp evotards- thanks for fulfilling another prediction. Sweet... Joe
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With people like Joe working defence is it any wonder ID ran aground?
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What does that remind us of?
Intelligent design. http://tinyurl.com/c4a7hvv
Governing Goals To defeat scientific materialism and its destructive moral, cultural and political legacies. To replace materialistic explanations with the theistic understanding that nature and hurnan beings are created by God. Five Year Goals To see intelligent design theory as an accepted alternative in the sciences and scientific research being done from the perspective of design theory. To see the beginning of the influence of design theory in spheres other than natural science. To see major new debates in education, life issues, legal and personal responsibility pushed to the front of the national agenda. Twenty Year Goals To see intelligent design theory as the dominant perspective in science. To see design theory application in specific fields, including molecular biology, biochemistry, paleontology, physics and cosmology in the natural sciences, psychology, ethics, politics, theology and philosophy in the humanities; to see its innuence in the fine arts. To see design theory permeate our religious, cultural, moral and political life.

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