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Sure, we bumped into another universe…

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Following hard on: Alternate parallel universe found. Maybe, we learn from New Scientist:

Light given off by hydrogen shortly after the big bang has left some unexplained bright patches in space. Are they evidence of bumping into another universe?

Well, of course. What else could they be?

This is New Scientist’s take on the Chary thesis above:

Once it starts, inflation never quite stops, so a multitude of universes becomes nearly inevitable. “I would say most versions of inflation in fact lead to eternal inflation, producing a number of pocket universes,” says Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an architect of the theory.

Energy hidden in empty space drives inflation, and the amount that’s around could vary from place to place, so some regions would eventually settle down and stop expanding at such a manic pace. But the spots where inflation is going gangbusters would spawn inflating universes. And even areas within these new bubbles could balloon into pocket universes themselves.

Like compositions on the same theme, each universe produced this way would be likely to have its own spin on physics.

Chary acknowledges that his idea is as tentative as it is exciting. “Unusual claims like evidence for alternate universes require a very high burden of proof,” he writes. More.

No. That is not accurate at all.

Unusual claims like evidence for alternate universes are gobbled up like hot tips at the horse races. Any nonsense will do, actually, if it keeps the hopes alive. Because, as New Scientist artlessly explains, “If our universe is just one of many, that could explain why it seems so exquisitely tuned for our existence.”

So anything that explains fine-tuning away is okay, no matter how goofy.

The cosmologists should look out, actually. Japan is dumping social sciences over similar misdemeanours.

The world needn’t pay these people’s salaries or even care what they say. Not yet anyway

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Well, that could explain the mass extinctions on earth and where new species came from. Mung

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