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Templeton now funding “What There Is and Why There Is Anything” blog

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Peter Woit, at Not Even Wrong, mentions,

Lots of people seem to be unhappy with my characterization of Lawrence Krauss’s question “why is there something rather than nothing?” as meaningless. I’m well aware that one can give this question a non-trivial meaning, I just don’t think Krauss does, nor do the many commenters here on the topic whose comments I’ve deleted. Happily for those of you who want to discuss this topic, the Templeton Foundation has funded a whole new institution, the Rutgers Templeton Project in Philosophy of Cosmology, and they now have a blog, called What There Is and Why There Is Anything. They give a long list of questions they want to address which are pretty much orthogonal to ones I find interesting, ending with

13) Why is there something rather than nothing?

Doesn’t sound like an easy question to answer, but good for current Templeton grants.

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