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Creationism in the schools advocate sighted in Chicago


If this isn’t a hoax, it is a rarely sighted genuine effort to “teach creationism in the schools”, as opposed to an attempt to replace the Beard Almighty with some/any kind of science thinking about evolution:

Still, when asked about adding creationism to the curriculum, Lake Zurich School Board candidate Doug Goldberg said to the Daily Herald interviewers, “I’m a good, God-fearing American and the answer is ‘Yes.'”- “Suburban School District Candidates Believe Creationism Should Be Taught” (HuffPo, 2 28 11)

Well, does Mr. Goldberg think that Francis “junk DNA yes?/no?” Collins and the infinite variety of folk over at Biologos (= anything but evident design) are not God-fearing?

Heck, more “God” yatters out of those guys than ever did out of little old Catholic me. The trouble with the Christian Darwinists is that they have way more God than evidence.

And aren’t most of the Thumbsmen and Darwinoid trolls Americans*, while not God-fearing (and I am no judge of whether they are “good”)?

I think Goldberg should pay more attention to literacy rankings and dropout stats.

Meanwhile, here some educator carries on about why we shouldn’t “teach the controversy” as if any intelligent student wouldn’t know there is one. In my view, the key thing is to protect the intelligent student from the perfect storm of “Let us now give praise to the Beard,” and reassure him, “When in doubt, doubt, and if it sounds unbelievable, don’t believe it.”

*Yes, yes, it’s true that one of the filthiest of the latter turned out to be a Canadian. But we discreetly fixed his orifice leak by publicizing his true name and particulars, for the benefit of his family and friends. Yet the Americans curse and desecrate sacraments under their own name. Apparently shame is not applicable in the same way in the United States?


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