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More from the “Does new atheism make you fat?” high level research project

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An individual who shall most certainly remain nameless insists on foisting on my notice the claim that 60% of up-and-coming new atheist leaders hail from Girth Central and thus demonstrate what happens when you diss the Bread of Life and grab the bread on the side. …

He offers PZ Myers as Exhibit A, courtesy Moshe Reuveni. Among atheists, I’ve seen broader beams, actually, but this will do for a start. Still, a heft more and … 911 – Jenny Craig.

Anyway, our contri-biter tells us all kinds of gossip about the new atheists that you really shouldn’t want to know, along with some really scientific theories on why they worship Fries With That! His theories that rank with the very best science evolutionary psychology can offer on what people worship, why, and what happens when they do.

Hmmm. Surveying the scene: Maybe there is something to be said for Christian, or any, weight loss ministries.

(my comment was somehow lost, so I post it again) What’s next? Yo mamma so fat? Please add at least your COFFEE moniker when you are linking to Conservapedia... DiEb
O'Leary/News: "More of these reductionists should practice what they preach, surely?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Excellent pun!! :-) ellazimm
But Ellazimm, all that stuff is fashionable. Fat, by contrast, is double plus uncool, as local Newspeakers put it. More of these reductionists should practice what they preach, surely? News
From the Conservapedia link: "In addition, Western World evolutionists and atheists often hold to irrational notions such as extraterrestrial life, exobiology, evolution and abiogenesis which are anti-biblical ideas that are that are not supported by sound science. No doubt pseudoscientific and superstitious thinking in many cases is partly due to a lack of self-discipline as rigorous scientific and logical thinking requires disciplined thought.." ellazimm

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