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From O’Leary for News’ other blog, Connecting…

Apple vs. FBI: Free internet is at stake. Few analysts agree with the FBI that it would end with just this one case. It can’t.

Online medical information: Help, hype, or harm? A new coinage, “cyberchondria,” refers to the worry some people experience from overdosing on medical information online

Controlling trolls helps keep social media free. But there’s a risk in making trolls more important than we need to.

Privacy crunch: Apple vs. the FBI How much do we value privacy vs. government’s stated desire to protect us?

Are blogs really out of date? Competition from anybody with an internet connection makes new media different from old media.

Robotic surgery: Paging Dr. Carebot? At first glance, it sounds impersonal, sterile. But there are pros and cons.

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It's apparently not the People vs Apple. I thought this sort of stuff was supposed to have gone out with the Bush administration. Hah. Mung

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