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(O’Leary for News’s regular night job)

Edward Snowden: “When you collect everything, you understand nothing.” Mass spying on citizens “fundamentally changes the balance of power between the citizen and the state.” (On the eve of the new Snowden-themed Bond film, Spectre. )

Writing for the internet is like writing on water The internet may be forever; our pages are not.

Is our e-mail private? No. What protects most of us is that our words are lost among the trillions no one is looking for.

Does new media make us value democracy less? Maybe, and facing elections and upheavals around North America and Europe, it’s bad news.

Whoa, Rosie! Twitter is not a family conference! We all have family problems, and let’s all just keep them off the internet.

Fido has no android, but he can read faces Fragile students keep pets while their peers tippy tap on palmtops.


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