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Sam Harris is looking for examples of political correctness run amok

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Here. Hope the guy has suffocation insurance.

Readers may recall new atheist neuroscientist Sam Harris from “Sam Harris on why consciousness does not feel like a self,” “Sam Harris on defamation,” and “P Z Myers and Sam Harris facing off at Twitter.”

Guy made the mistake of actually challenging something serious now.

Like, he could have been a pop sci celeb, with articles like “Ten reasons you go to church that you wish you never knew,” or “Ten reasons you give to charity that have nothing to do with caring,” or “Why the government really does know what is best for you.”

Legacy media editors can’t get enough of that stuff, even if readers are dropping away like fleas off a dead moose.*

Instead, unaccountably, the guy decided to take on the current pussyfoot between progressive politics and Islamic terror. Hope he has insurance against being brained with a picket sign or just plain blown up.

Meanwhile, do let’s help. (I sent him Rotherham. – O’Leary for News)

Just hope that isn’t going to end in an article on “How political correctness improves reproductive success.”

* The editors usually console themselves with “New study shows how brain glitch causes public to distrust Science.”

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poltical correctness is just the historical thing of people in power saying other people are wrong and bringing same power to bear on them. Political correctness is about the word political. that word means power. social correctness is common and fine. poltical means a minority is imposing its conclusions with power. even if a majority in opinion its still a minority of that imposing. its just plain old attacks against the unique ideas in the anglo american civilization about freedom of conscience, thought, and speech. Its an enemy and its empire has grown too big too quick and not controlling itself and so threatening the whole empire. this is a example of one PC lover hitting others. Robert Byers
There is no need to look very far, IMO. Darwinism, materialism, machine consciousness and parallel universes are all examples of political correctness gone crazy. Mapou

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