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Science finally figures out intelligence – and it ain’t pretty


We didn’t have much time for this:  “Controversial study links atheism to autism.” Nor will we have time for this. All barking mad, surely.

Instead, here, we depend on that fount of wisdom, The Daily Mash, to set the matter of intelligence right for us: In “Right-wing people smart enough to hate everyone” (07-02-12 ), somebody or other writes,

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “Deciding who’s cleverest between left and right is like deciding which tube of Smarties would make the best Pope.

A good read all round.

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Who is smarter in left/right is measurable. Its never a cross section of people but rather identities unrelated to ones personality do determine whether you are/lean right or left. I'm right wing. in North America the right generally is from the original Yankee/Southern/English Canadian Protestant peoples. With also a male tilt. and not rich or poor. Thats today. In the past the southerner was more to the left. The left wing is the foreign identities who came later. Then add the rich and poor and a female tilt. in short the left is all those who are simply not the original mainstream man. A wannabe. Second banana. One way or another still trying to raise themselves to a equal level with us. Morally, intellectually, wealth, prestige and everything about measuring men against other men. Their oppositions or propositions for society are all based on equalizing/therefore sometimes replacing, all reflections on the original people. Yes its measurable therefore whether the right/left is smarter. If the left was as smart they wouldn't be passionate about catching up but instead be at peace. Robert Byers

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