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The growth of the Internet, 1990 – 2019

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Of general interest — and especially observe the rise of China, India and Nigeria:

Food for thought. END

PS: Jawa points to some interesting points of data with images worth highlighting. First, number of sites (where approx. 200 mn are regularly active):

Likewise, it is noted by tekeye that “[d]espite there being over 1.5 billion websites only a few hundred dominate the Internet. Less than 1 million, or 0.1%, account for over 50% of web traffic. To get an idea on how much such a small percentage of the total websites dominate look at The Internet Map.”

Jawa thanks, clipped and added two charts to the OP. Notice, the patterns of growth and dominance. I suspect, you slice off the top 1/10 of 1% and you see the "old" net still there. But people depend on the new esp Google [90% of all searches, next nearest Bing at 2%] to reach the old. Unless they keep their own bookmarks. If we are to address a battle we need to map the terrain. KF kairosfocus
From different sources: What's the total number of websites? How Many Websites Are There In The World? jawa
This is very interesting to watch. Thanks for posting it here. jawa
The growth of the Internet, 1990 – 2019 kairosfocus

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