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Today, “anti-science” just means “I think for myself”


There is little of value in this article , except an acknowledgment that

The few times writers have attempted to point out the left’s problems with science, they have gotten shot down for “false equivalence”—for holding up both parties as equally anti-science so as not to seem biased when one of those parties is in reality more anti-science than the other.

But such cries of false equivalence miss the point. The issue isn’t whether the Democrats are anti-science enough to match the anti-science lunacy of Republicans. The point is that any science denialism exists on the left at all. If there is grime in my bathroom and grime in my kitchen, I don’t stand there and contemplate which one has more filth; my house won’t be clean until I have scoured both.

The fact is, there’s plenty of anti-science grime on the left that needs to be cleaned up.


Please, Halle, give it a rest. No one cares if your house is filthy. You live there, we don’t.

You didn’t get the significance of the fact that we don’t have to live with you? No, really, absolutely, many of us do NOT have to live with you.

You are talking to—at least in some cases—free human beings. Put another way, we don’t care about your crotchets.

Translated into the vernacular, “anti-science” means: I think for myself and respectfully request that others do the same.

Remember Sigmund Freud Back in the 40's 50's and 60's he was the Unquestioned Settled Science Peer Reviewed Guru. His ideas dominated Medicine, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences. If you dared question him, your were ostracized, called Anti Science, an Ignorant Fundamentalist, the usual. But his "Science" was made up from thin air and big words. He even had a book on the Interpretation of Dreams. And he was taught to millions of doctors, specialists, counselors. And then, they used his theories, in what was quackery. There were tens of millions of malpractice victims. Today he's tanked. Why? Because the feminists dont like him. (Penis envy isnt PC) So now everyone says he was a quack. College Kids dont get taught his Scientific Theories today. Theyre taught to laugh at them. chris haynes
I (O'Leary for News) was a child in the 1950s when the Salk vaccine made its way to Canada (via the faster "Toronto method"), and we were tripping over our feet to get it. I remember my mother carrying my younger brother, struggling under the weight, and me hanging on to my skittish little sister. And the huge lineup behind us snaking around the block. Apparently, no one wanted to spend the rest of their life in an iron lung. All this said, history isn't future. There could, of course, be problems with vaccines today especially because the range of issues has probably narrowed. In those days, diseases like polio stalked Canadian communities in a way people today can't imagine. Today, the END of polio is in sight. It depends on human vectors and can thus be destroyed. I pray God I see it in my lifetime. News
We might not live with the author, but we do have to coexist and work and go to school with people who aren't vaccinated. Now consider that the CDC is reporting the highest number of cases of measles since 2000 [http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/29/health/cdc-measles/] Are there problems with vaccines. Yes. There are over 20 books on vaccines written by pediatricians and other medical doctors that raise questions or concerns. The way to convince more parents to vaccinate is to be totally forthcoming about vaccines, what we know and don't know about them, and to do long-term in-depth research on how they affect the immune system. Most vaccines put on the market are studied minimally, such as "is there a rash" or fever after the shot. We need studies of large groups of children that have the full vaccine regime and those who do not and comparisons over the course of their lives, 50-70 years out as to the rates of asthma, allergies, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and other immune system disorders. Why aren't these studies being done? Barb

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