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A friend asked for recommendations of movies about social Darwinism …

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… and one that came up was What Hath Darwin Wrought?:

“The standard refrain today is that social Darwinism had nothing to do with either Charles Darwin or his biological theory,” says Dr. John West, whose work is highlighted in the documentary. “But ideas have consequences, and it’s clear that Darwin himself understood that fact. I think many viewers will be surprised when they learn just how closely Darwin’s own views are connected to the rise of social Darwinism—and just how much of a continuing impact social Darwinism has on Darwin’s followers today.”


As a rule, Darwin is never responsible for what he believed. Quite the opposite, a move is made every year, it seems, in the United States, to link his name with the liberator, Lincoln.

The intriguing thing is that the racism part remains undiscussable.

See, for example,

Once again another push for a national Darwin Day in the United States


Did Lincoln read Origin of Species in New York? (Not the real Lincoln, but the Darwinized Lincoln of course did.)

The people involved would all say they’re anti-racist, but then their Darwin isn’t the actual one, rather a cultural product. The actual one is not discussable.

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    bornagain77 says:

    The Biology of the Second Reich: Social Darwinism and the Origins of World War 1 – video 14 min. (with Weikart)

    The War on Humans – new mini-documentary – video

    Expelled, towards the end of the movie, had some of the horrendous consequences of social Darwinism in it:

    Expelled (Full Movie)

    The Scopes monkey trial was redone a few years ago in the movie, ‘Alleged’, minus the Darwinian spin that was in Inherit the Wind, and also had some of the tragic consequences of social Darwinism in it:

    Alleged: – movie

    Here is a lecture video on Social Darwinism:

    The Cultural Impact of Darwinian Evolution – John West, PhD – video

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    mahuna says:

    I don’t think movies are especially good at transferring information, especially about controversial subjects. We associate movies with entertainment, and the amount of data transferred per minute is low.

    So I would again recommend reading BOOKS:

    “From Darwin to Hitler” by Richard Weikart (written in Germany using German sources)


    “The Pure Society: from Darwin to Hitler” by Andre Pichot (written in France using French sources)

    I’m sure there are others. Anyone who makes serious observations about the social effects of Darwinism knows these facts. And they know that the world leaders in Eugenics were Americans. The Anglo-Americans were “the master race”, and the people breeding the “super-man” were Americans. This was all quietly buried after the US entered WW2.

    And for what it’s worth, “Aryan” means the same thing as “Indo-European”. English, French, and even Jews are Aryans. The Germans never questioned that. Their Eugenics program was simply intended to pursue the Geopolitical idea of the Nation-State to its logical conclusion: Germany for Germans. And of course the first group euthanized under the German Eugenics program were German WW1 invalid veterans, because the cost to care for them in hospitals exceeded any possible ADDITIONAL benefits they might provide to the state. After that, additional groups found to be “not socially productive” were added to the list. All very bureaucratic.

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    Robert Byers says:

    i am a long fan of lincoln and read his reasonings and bios on him.
    He was not a christian as being a above average smart guy he realized a intelligent person must decide if christ was a god. smart people do and smart people don’t. the average people live without thinking it through. smart people kNOW they must decide such a great thing. Yet lincoln believed in god.
    he could accept darwins stuff if he heard about it.
    lincoln had southern conclusions about race and intelligence, as evos do today, and he was a southerner in such conclusions.
    His important thing was stopping the robbery of america from sotherners and the slave stuff was secondary and not worth a single human life of coarse. jUst a coincidence of the war.
    its liberal crap that makes slavery a issue for murderous war.

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