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A friend has ended up writing proposed copy for Pop Science TV, just because of Uncommon Descent …

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He was spending too much time thinking about the long-running human evolution series, especially: “In this episode, the Neanderthals keep us alive“, which ran earlier today:

Interbreeding with Neanderthals gave our ancestors a ready-made cocktail of DNA invaluable in fighting diseases common in northern climates, research by immunologist Peter Parham suggests.

That inspired him, and you can hardly tell his work from the stuff your taxes pay for:

This could work into a new CBC series featuring David Suzuki [Canadian science broadcaster] going back in time. Remember “The Dating Game”? How about an all-world new type reality show, “The Mating Game: NeanderThrall!”

Suzuki, in his duck-blind shelter; sotto voce David Attenborough wanna-be accent; “Grog has been observing the female hominid pass by from his cave entrance on a daily basis, punctually as the sun rises over the Banyan Tree. He works hard to stifle the low growl that instinctively rises in his throat. Why does this strange new creature make him want to run away from the Cave and seek higher ground… to leave Critte and their suddenly unappealing little mud-scratching offspring?”

Okay, hurry up and finish the script, and we’ll shop it around. But we gotta have a scene where Critte and Mudscratcher confront Grog, and … guilt, you know. Otherwise, there’s no story.


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