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A friend wanted us to repost links to Carl Werner’s discussions with Darwinists about the fabled transitional forms

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Another friend is impressed with Werner’s ability to draw out the huge problems with many current claims: “I don’t know how he does it.”

Part 1 interview with Dr. Carl Werner

Part 2 interview with Dr. Carl Werner

Part 3 interview with Dr. Carl Werner

edited clip: Fish & Dinosaur Evolution vs. The Actual Evidence - video and notes http://vimeo.com/30932397 bornagain77
edited clip: Bird Evolution vs. The Actual Evidence - video and notes http://vimeo.com/30926629 bornagain77
Edited clip: Whale Evolution vs. The Actual Evidence - Stunning; fraudulent fossils revealed http://vimeo.com/30921402 bornagain77
Excellent videos except they are wrong. This YEC insists that marine mammals did suddenly "evolve" from land to sea. In fact the flaw for evolutionists is that they have to use the most obviously "mammal" creatures to make their case and persuade themselves. Their hunch. Marine mammals are amongst the very few creatures that have vestigial bits and pieces showing previous anatomical lives and amongst the few with some claims to fossils of different stages. Their was no intermediate stages but there was diversity with all stages. Creationism is wrong to take on warm blooded air breathing creatures as not originally from the land. They simply moved into a empty post flood world where the monsters of the previous sea were destroyed in the flood. likewise bats are just post flood rats taking to the air. No evolution but indeed adaptation. You will never find a intermediate bat but neither will you find a intermediate flying squirrel or lots of gliding creatures. One can not list all these changes as impossible since they are not much more then with human differences. People did not evolve in stages toward our present racial types. Yet here we are. It was instant and with it a lot of dna change. marine mammals are the point to hit evolution on. They really are the only creatures that changed. If evolution was true the present creatures and fossils would be crawling with intermediates including intermediate dead ends. Seals really are just bears . Bears and dogs are the same thing Water dogs have webbed feet. No big deal but not from evolution. Somthing else. Robert Byers
Having seen the book some time ago this is the first I have seen of the video. In part two the discussion on 'whale evolution' was of particular interest following a previous post on this site concernin a recent find. I would highly recommend that Elizabeth watch that particular episode and tell me if the recent find, along with what Dr.Gingerich discloses, still holds no problems for whale evolution. Does she still think the cladogram for whale evolution to be valid? PeterJ

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