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A picture gallery of a visit to the Smithsonian makes clear: All Darwin all the time

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From the moment you walk in:

We know that it is Darwinian because the only statue in Fossil Hall is one of Charles Darwin. No other biologist is on display: not John Ray, not Georges Cuvier, Louis Agassiz, not Richard Owen, not Louis Pasteur, or any other great biologist or paleontologist who believed in a creator. It’s all Darwin, and only Darwin, everywhere in the museum. Smithsonian Magazine confirms this purpose:

The quote is a unifying theme of the hall and centers around the idea that life on Earth is forever changing, was changing in the past and will change again. That’s also why a bronze statue of Charles Darwin sits at the center of the exhibition. With his notebook in hand, the sculpture of Darwin is seated on a bench, as if he’s just exhausted himself touring the show. Sit down beside him and take a look at the open page of his journal. There you’ll find recreated his first-ever sketch that he made of his “tree of life.” With ancient creatures branching off to modern-day animals, this was the catalytic moment when Darwin realized with all certainty that all plants and animals are related.

Evolution News, “At the Smithsonian, the Nation’s Museum, It’s All Darwin, All the Time” at Evolution News and Science Today (November 17, 2021)

This is hagiography, to be sure. But do the hagiographers know what time it is?

Even now, Darwin’s bulldog Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–1895) is threatened with Cancellation:

At The Times of London: “Charles Darwin will be next if his great defender is toppled” Huh? What? If Huxley (or Darwin) is cancelled, “the practice of science itself no longer matters.” Well, that’s true but for Cancel Culture, that’s a feature, not a bug. It shows their immense power, generally in the robes of victimhood. Has none of these people been paying attention to the war on math and the war on science?

All we know here is that when the Cancel crowd comes for Darwin (and why shouldn’t they? That’s what they do), there’s going to be quite the Hubbub at the Smithsonian as curators try to Woke all that stuff…

We TOLD them not to make a religion out of their opinions on the history of life.

Get your ID coffee mug while you can and pour a brew and watch…

6 Replies to “A picture gallery of a visit to the Smithsonian makes clear: All Darwin all the time

  1. 1
    Seversky says:

    People should visit the Smithsonian – even Intelligent Design creationists – if for no other reason than to judge for themselves whether or not it is promoting a religious belief like creation museums or the Ark Encounter.

  2. 2
    polistra says:

    You’d think the totally race-conscious wokers would sanctify Carver. Unfortunately he’s unsuitable for two reasons: 1. He talked about God often. 2. He actually HELPED his people by SOLVING REAL PROBLEMS. The latter is even more unforgivble than theism.

  3. 3
    Belfast says:

    Good old Smithsonian- always playing catch-up with biology.
    They finally realise that Darwinism properly belongs in a museum – fossil proof busted, natural selection a shipwreck, missing links missing, and phylogenetic incongruence widespread.

  4. 4
    polistra says:

    After reading the article, I’m struck by the remarkable LAZINESS of the paleontologists and the museum.

    Paleontologists let the Burgess samples sit there for 50 years before they bothered to LOOK at them. When you have faith in theories, you don’t need to look at facts.

    On the other end of the timeline, the museum could be doing a much better job of showing the Ediacarans in action. There are many 3d models available, easily animated and even 3d-printable. I’ve had loads of fun with them. This isn’t a billion-dollar Disney project, it’s ten dollars and a few days of work to create an interesting little drama. But Smithsonian didn’t bother.

  5. 5
    EDTA says:

    A statue of Darwin in a museum full of fossils. Strangely appropriate.

  6. 6
    Fasteddious says:

    The Smithsonian is a Darwinian cathedral for True Believers to attend and be reinforced in the dogma. So of course, it needs a statue of Saint Darwin himself, and nothing in the place can be allowed to question or detract from the doctrines – a real catechism in a building. Their faith also has bishops like Degrasse-Tyson, Nye and Dawkins, who are looked up to with reverence by the faithful.

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