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It seems that some of my readers are disgruntled because their comments are not appearing on this blog and, in some cases, because I’m removing them as users. Please have a look at my Comments about Comments from last month. One of the things I stressed there is don’t bore me. Darwinists tend to think that simply by telling an evolutionary story about some phenomenon that they have achieved remarkable insight. I don’t.

There are plenty of other forums where I mix it up with Darwinists. Think of this blog as my playground. If you have to take a whiz, do it elsewhere.

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[...] The science blogging community immediately recognized that Dembski’s weblog was moderated to the point that politely disagreeing comments were not allowed. Remember the terms “boring” and “unproductive” that I mentioned: it seems that they instead meant “insightful” and “fact-correcting,” respectively. All the “Duhhh, evolutionists are stoopid” comments approved by him were of course, very interesting and highly productive for thought-provoking, reasoned discussion. Oh, but there’s more! [...] The Inoculated Mind : The Mindlog Part II, Entering the Blogosphere.
fbeckwith: That is very true. Personally, I try not to comment on things I know little about but I do read the comments to try and learn something. sue
As I always say, don't get in a pissing contest with a guy with a bigger bladder. fbeckwith

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