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And they say Darwinism isn’t a religion? Get this.


A whole conference devoted to Darwin’s chronic illnesses:

Darwin was born in England on February 12, 1809. He suffered from chronic vomiting, abdominal pain and gastrointestinal distress for much of his life, all while maintaining his career as an incredibly influential scientist and fathering 10 children. A naturalist, traveling the world cataloging and observing wildlife and fossils, Darwin became fascinated by the way species seemed to adapt and change. It was in 1859 that he published his seminal work, On the Origin of Species, detailing his theory of evolution and natural selection. He went on to describe the evolution of humans and sexual selection in later books, and he also published on plants and geology. His work changed the way the world regarded science and serves as the foundation for the field of evolution. Darwin died of heart failure in 1882 at the age of 73.Now, two centuries after his birth, the Historical Clinicopathological Conference is examining both the illness that affected him for much of his life and the heart failure that led to his death.

Why? It’s not like the guy isn’t dead yet. The folk lining up at the local hospital have that over him. Better:

Physicians of his time diagnosed Darwin with dozens of conditions including schizophrenia, appendicitis, lead poisoning and lactose intolerance. He was treated with cures of the day including arsenic, hydrotherapy, aloes, strychnine and codeine, which provided at most temporary relief. Unfortunately, doctors practicing in Darwin’s lifetime would not have known about the conditions Dr. Cohen has diagnosed, and would not have had access to our modern treatments.“For the most part, none of these illnesses were described during Darwin’s lifetime,” says Dr. Cohen.

So? Billions of people don’t have “access to modern treatments” today.

UD’s fearless news staff, reporting from parts unknown, have little time for this self-absorbed garbage or for “evolutionary medicine” = too busy getting emergency care for friends, relatives, strangers, and anyone of whatever status who falls through the door, critical.

Only Darwinism as a religion could lead to the degree of self-absorption these studies exhibit.

Seems like a cool, but f airly small conference, with past topics like: Simon Bolivar, John Paul Jones, Akhenaten, President Lincoln, Booker T. Washington, Christopher Columbus, Heinrich Schlieman, Florence Nightingale, Herod, Joan of Arc, Claudius, Mozart.... http://www.medicalalumni.org/CPC/pages/previous.htm Seems like a medical conference that advances hypotheses about the afflictions of a single historical figure each year. I don't see the tie-in to a religious Darwinist cult, just some MDs with a history hobby.DrREC
May 8, 2011
07:46 PM

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