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“Anything can happen in billions of years, right? We can even evolve Lady Gaga.” Or not.

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Robert Knight

In “When Science Is a Matter of Political Faith” (Townhall , September 8, 2011), commentator Robert Knight observes,

The modern day faith in Science makes the most fanatical fundamentalist look indifferent by comparison.

Ever since Charles Darwin proposed his theory of macro evolution, for which even he admitted had scant evidence to support it, the intelligentsia have pushed science as the Final Decider of All Things. If you think this is harmless, see how Alfred C. Kinsey’s cooked surveys on sex in the 1940s helped launch and justify the still-disastrous sexual revolution. And look at how junk science is littering Supreme Court opinions.

The thing is, science does not stay still. Theories come and go as evidence pours in to support alternative views.

Can we vote on evolving her back again?.

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Well didn't Lady Gaga "evolve" from "Radio Gaga"? Joseph

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