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Before you tuck yourself in for the night, keep in mind that we Uncommon Descenters are real bad people

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Proven here, by Nemo at Darwiniana:

We are “reactionary crypto-fascists.”

Anyway, Nemo (?) references a recent  post, “9-11 truthers in the intelligent design community? But more prominent ones among Darwinists?

Sure. We only pretend to find troothing ridiculous.

And with dangerous people like us around, sure you sure you are safe in your bed? Is teddy safe?

Will you find your toothbrush in the morning? Nighty night.

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Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista

News: I see that Nemo says:
You would think that the ID group would be able to see through the 9/11 deceptions. But then again these reactionary crypto-fascists would not wish to expose the right!
The simplest expose of the various forms of nonsense on 9/11 is to go to Wikipedia, which has a surprisingly good account. There was in fact a video of UBL boasting of his achievement that was captured within a few months in Afghanistan. And, Al Qaeda has long since acknowledged and/or implied responsibility. But the most revealing point is that Nemo -- in his haste to play the right-wing theocrat, Christo-fascist, Hitler slander card against design thinkers (as in, he is plainly coming out of the Saul Alinsky demonise, slander and ridicule playbook) -- apparently cannot even get straight which side of the political spectrum Fascists come from. Yup, they are right of communists [why Stalin tagged them as being "right wing" . . . ], but they are left of almost everyone else, being an extreme form of statism joined to identity-group politics, a semi-marxian "rescue us from the crisis" and Nietzschean superman political messianism. Why else do you think the most virulent form of Fascism was known as Nazism, as in National SOCIALISM? (And, that can be elaborated.) But, the attempt to smear design thinkers with the crimes of Hitler reveals the underlying scarcely veiled hostility we are dealing with. Or, in some cases, just plain outright hate. (We could name some examples.) That hostility, slander and hate need to be exposed and denounced, not just by design thinkers, but by the decent on the other side. GEM of TKI kairosfocus

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