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Coffee!! Expelled’s Ben Stein a … liberal?

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Now, it wouldn’t surprise the Uncommon Descent news desk, but it certainly surprised Canadian blogging queen Five Feet of Fury when

Yesterday he told Dennis Miller we need to “redistribute the wealth.” (FREE audio).

But here, here, here, here, here, and here, anti-Expelled types have painted Stein as a conservative. Comments?

(Note: Five Feet of (“I’m with the banned”) Fury, an unintimidated target of A Guy Named Sue and fearless opponent of politically correct anti-Semites, is not to all tastes – definitely not for PC consumption. But she doesn’t call a straight shot crooked.)

All I remember is that Stein was a regular columnist for the American Spectator. If I recall, he's socially conservative, but then social conservatives can be fiscally liberal. Then again, that's just one brief comment from an interview I haven't watched. nullasalus

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