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Darwinism: How to downplay a revolution


Here. Biological Theory, June 2017, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp 67–71

Three Modes of Evolution by Natural Selection and Drift: A New or an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis?

Marion Blute

First Online: 07 April 2017
DOI: 10.1007/s13752-017-0264-8

Cite this article as:
Blute, M. Biol Theory (2017) 12: 67. doi:10.1007/s13752-017-0264-8


According to sources both in print and at a recent meeting, evolutionary theory is currently undergoing change which some would characterize as a New Synthesis, and others as an Extended Synthesis. This article argues that the important changes involve recognizing that there are three means by which evolutionary change can be initiated (genetically, ecologically, and developmentally) and three corresponding modes of evolutionary drift. It compares the three and goes on to discuss the scale of innovation and extended or inclusive and Lamarckian inheritance. It concludes from these that “new trends in evolutionary biology” are in part a new, and in part an extended evolutionary synthesis.


Note: The king wasn’t beheaded, he was simply forced to retire under close confinement. Fourth-rate science teachers take note.

The various theories of Darwinian evolution are legitimate as ideas, but it is foolish to think that they are without numerous and serious weaknesses. Darwinian evolution of every stripe requires a tremendous amount of faith in things unproven...and probably unprovable. It is a faith-based philosophical worldview. Truth Will Set You Free
Nowadays, average Joe uneducated Americans seem unable to understand the Theory of Evolution. They get frustrated when Billions of Top Scientists are promoting the the Modern Synthesis, the New Synthesis, and the Extended Synthesis at the same time. That's kind of like promoting the Caloric Theory and the Kinetic Theory at the same time. Now of course, as everyone knows, us Average Joes are dumb. Still, we don't want to be called Science Deniers, so we agree that Evolution is a FACT. But we are confused. Wont somebody help us out? Please, let us know what fact Evolution is/ chris haynes
And still, no place for ID at the table. kmidpuddle

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