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Darwinism will never be doomed while government money holds up

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In “Rereading Darwin” (AmericanScientist ), Robert L. Dorit informs us, in defense of today’s Darwinists, that “Science now takes for granted the importance of forces and time spans we can’t perceive directly.” Okay, but then he burbles,

… the Origin ushers us into the world of contemporary science. It asks us to acknowledge the riotous diversity of living forms and then accept that they are the result of material forces we cannot directly observe, acting over time spans we cannot imagine. It reminds us that chance operates at scales both large and small, and that selection sifts inexorably through life’s variety. We live our lives in three dimensions for our threescore and ten allotted years. Yet every branch of contemporary science, from statistics to cosmology, alludes to processes that operate on scales outside of human experience: the millisecond and the nanometer, the eon and the light-year. For some, this is cause, if not for despair, then for strong suspicion and perhaps even rejection of the scientific enterprise. But there is grandeur in the notion that we are part of nature, and not above it. And there is comfort in the realization that, although our senses and brains constrain us, we can still understand phenomena far beyond those we can witness. In the end, it may be this ability to slip the bonds of our own experience—those of time, those of our senses—that makes us human.

Fine, but stripped of fine words masking government-enforced indoctrination, where are the numbers, where is the evidence, where are the facts that support the claim that Darwinism caused it all?

Additional burble:

So it’s worth taking a moment to contemplate what we now know: The Earth is 4,540,000,000 years old. Life has been around for at least 3,500,000,000 of those years.

Which is not an argument, absent “how exactly?” specifics about how life happened.

Oh wait. The Darwinists still get payments from the government, courtesy the unbelieving taxpayer. Which makes it all true.

If that ever ceased …

Unfortunately, it's really so that the scientific works in the field are sponsored by our hard-earned tax-payers money. While lots of families could benefit from some extra cash in their own pockets instead of looking for solution from direct loan lenders on line in case of money troubles, the darwinists still get their payments and means for investigation. Jull
Yes! And a manifesto to rally around! Oh, wait... champignon
We need to shake of the Darwinian dictatorship with something like an ID spring. Alan
Axel - you are being ironic aren't you? markf
Such as? Petrushka
Foolishness, thy name is markf. Governments are proxies for the large corporations, who most decidedly do profit in their scabrous, depraved ways from pushing the secularist agenda, since it trumps all considerations of moral constraints. It is the morality of the psycopath, and why should we be surprised at that? The pursuit of worldly knowledge and its protege, the 'bottom line' is itself the ultimate good. Experiments are routinely carried out today in the name of science at which the Nazis would have blenched. Axel
OT: William Lane Craig youtube channel has a new video up from his visit to England;
W L Craig, P S Williams vs. A Copson, A Ahmed - Cambridge Union Society Debate, Oct 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRIVUIVb5mc
Fine, but stripped of fine words masking government-enforced indoctrination, where are the numbers, where is the evidence, where are the facts that support the claim that Darwinism caused it all?
In the same place that the detailed calculation of dFSCI is I suspect. Peter Griffin
I love this government enforcement idea. A worldwide conspiracy of all governments (with perhaps the exception of Turkey) to force their citizens to accept an idea which brings that government no benefit. markf
Well, one intriguing coincidence is that both Darwinism and Government deal with impressively large numbers ending in many zeros. This can be an awe-inspiring, humbling perspective considering that the number of digits they normally use to count with ends with only a single zero, making them feel insignificant and depressed. Perhaps there lies the strange attraction, a profoundly deep, shared experience. And now, I must meditate on how my acknowledging that 3 x five = 15 verifies that I'm human. Yes, I'm just having a little fun. :-) Querius

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