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Design a bumper sticker for the Darwin lobby

File:Darwin fish ROF.svg

The US Darwin lobby announces:

There’s only a month left for you to submit your idea for a new NCSE bumper sticker, so sharpen your pencils, cudgel your brains, and consult your muse! This is your chance to speak loud, speak proud for evolution, by crafting a killer slogan that could end up on the tail end of thousands of cars.

UD News staff remember first seeing the fish-with-feet bumpo, labelled “Darwin,” about 30 years ago – and assuming it was an attack on Darwinism.

A fish without feet is like … a better adapted fish. Hence, it must be a creationist logo. Is that one reason most North Americans still don’t sing “Just give me Darwin” with feeling?

Bumper sticker design software here. Or just enter your idea below.

lol! I almost said "take it back!" But then was distracted with another post I was writing. xp. material.infantacy
Not you m.i. You have the brain of an orangutan. Mung
You have the brain of a monkey. Mung
lol! Humanity: easily written off as just another rung in the evolutionary ladder. Humanity: evolution's tower of babel. Humanity: evolution's search for a search. (Amended) The Darwin fish, lying "legs up" in a Radio Flyer wagon being pulled by Eugenie Scott. The Darwin fish consuming all the U.S. currency being printed by the Fed. The image of a fossilized Charles Darwin. (Amended) Design scientists do it in their lab coats. material.infantacy
I'm just drifting my way to a new car. Mung
This sticker provides no selective advantage. Mung
The Darwin fish, lying helplessly in a Radio Flyer wagon being pulled by Eugenie Scott. material.infantacy
A gap! Blank instead of the important connecting points! or Wait for the better sticker(and a picture of some primordial ooze) or Modern Alchemy ! Mixing mutations ,not metals! or "Ban creationist stickers" or "If you are reading this sticker with eyeballs just forget it" Robert Byers
There's potential in that there sludge! Mung
Overpopulation is the way to progress Mung
Darwinism: 150 years of proudly freeing mankind of the intolerable burden of rationality. Ilion
Fish don't have feet to use, and Darwinists don't use the minds they have. Ilion
My girlfriend went to an NCSE conference on Darwin and all she brought back was this lousy bumper sticker. Time for bed. :) CannuckianYankee
Darwinism: Over a hundred million ghosted. junkdnaforlife
Honk if you're hormy Upright BiPed
Mung at 21 LOL Upright BiPed
This is all a big mistake, just like you. Have a great day! Brent
You're a happy accident. Deal with it. Life is meaningless. Do what you will. NCSE: hating the people who fund us since 1981. NCSE: the 'E' is for extortion. material.infantacy
xp. Darwinism: state-sponsored monkey business. material.infantacy
Nothing IC on board. Mung
That's not rust, that's NEW INFORMATION! Mung
A tornado in a junkyard built this car! Mung
Maybe they should just wait around for the bumper sticker to design and then create itself. Wouldn’t that be the greatest demonstration of evolution? Now THAT gets my vote!!! Blue_Savannah
Darwin: An exquisite example of design. CannuckianYankee
My selfish genes made me do it. Imagination: the cornerstone of Darwinian accounts. Darwinism: biology's theory of nothing. Darwinism: falsification is for the dino-birds. Darwinism: there is no truth beyond what we believe to be the case. Darwinian evolution is an iron-clad theory -- completely impervious to the facts. material.infantacy
My other car evolved material.infantacy
Honk if you lack free will material.infantacy
In Search of Meaning? - Study Evolution My Genes are Selfish - And So Am I Nothing On This Bumper Sticker Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution Mung
ilion, "The answer my friend, is blowing in the UIND." CannuckianYankee
"This bumper sticker is the result of random variation and natural selection. If you have a problem with it, there is no designer to complain to." or "This bumper sticker is the result of an idea thunk up by a GA that no-one else ever thought of." Thanks Mung. :) Others: "Don't like my driving? Call 1-800-AMORAL-1." "Darwinist on board; ease up on the brakes because it doesn't matter." Speaking of breaks: "I brake for genetic algorithms." "My other car is a flying spaghetti monster." "I found life in an alternate universe." "Honk if you like absurd theories." and finally: "'God is dead.' - Darwin. 'Darwin is dead' - God." Yeah, I've seen it before too. CannuckianYankee
No Tenure for You! You Have the Right to Agree EvilSnack
GA's have been known to design bumper stickers that no one else would have thought of. Mung
Maybe they should just wait around for the bumper sticker to design and then create itself. Wouldn't that be the greatest demonstration of evolution? CannuckianYankee
Gotta love that NCSE is sponsoring this. Fits nicely with their propaganda mission. Eric Anderson
UIND (*): who can say where the UIND will blow tomorrow? Or; "You don't know which way the UIND blows, so how can you plan tomorrow?" (*) un-intelligent non-design Ilion
aegeit jlksond a designer. Mung
Life Exhibits Purpose Mung
Design: maybe it looks designed because it is. Design: no need for constantly reminding yourself otherwise. Design: pissing off ideologues since the foundations of the earth. 4 out of 5 reasonable people recommend design over wishful speculation. Design: advancing human technology since...forever. Design scientists do it in their labs. material.infantacy
Mr. Smith from The Matrix. ForJah
A brain in a vise mike1962
A straitjacket An unlit bulb A house of cards Blue_Savannah

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