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Does this photo intend to mock Darwinism?

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Looking at Alex Timmermans’ photography work, a friend writes, “I don’t believe Timmermans was intending to mock Darwinism; yet he does so anyway. The details of the process are all hidden in the grinder.” Another friend observes that ‘The photo technique is a revival of the wet plate collodion process. It was used from the early 1850s and through the Civil War. It was replaced by the gelatin dry plate process in the 1870s.”

A third friend finds that the photo evokes M.C. Escher’s visual essays into unbelievable perspectives, in the sense of several little fish somehow evolving via a meat grinder into one big one (instead of into fish paste).

It would make a great illustration of the theory anyway.

Strange, Why has my comment been deleted? Again, this picture was made by me without any thought behind it. Just consider it as art without intention to mock Mr Darwin. Alex Timmermans Alex Timmermans
Wow... my response above was being posted in a differnt thread and it just jumped into this one (which I'd never even seen before). Must be a bug in the software! I'll repost it back over on Gil's thread. SCheesman
Thank-you, Elizabeth. Once you can split an issue into parts, it's much easier to talk about it by focussing on each in turn. I have ideas, counters, explanations (and often agreements) with many of your points, but this thread really isn't the place for it. In fact each of those points, I'm sure, could be split into several threads much more productively. My main hope was to get over the "that's not even relevent" objection! SCheesman

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