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A sendup of science journals

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How’s That Again?

From the Los Angeles Times:

In the muddy sediments beneath the deep sea, scientists have found ancient communities of bacteria that have remained virtually unchanged for 2.3 billion years.

Researchers say these microscopic organisms are an example of “extreme evolutionary stasis” and represent the greatest lack of evolution ever seen.

They may also, paradoxically, prove that Darwin’s theory of evolution is true.

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At least some authors are suspected of ID links No problem. The Dumbdown police will be there shortly. Wherever is “there” these days…

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Over 2.3 billion years, some of the bacteria *musta* evolved into sea jellies, chihuahuas, parakeets, and lots of other things. The rest of them musta evolved back into bacteria. ;-) -Q Querius
ancient communities of bacteria that have remained virtually unchanged for 2.3 billion years.
I would be interested in hearing what real science would tell us about how far the genome of a community of bacteria would be degraded over 2.3 billion years assuming random mutation of the DNA at a rate we currently CAN measure. I'll bet their DNA wouldn't even be recognizable as that of bacteria in a matter of tens of thousands of years, much less billions of years. BA77 can you help? awstar
Come on guys! Where's your loyalty?! We all know evolution is fact so anything and everything is evidence to support it! You IDiots are just looking at the data and interpreting it through the wrong worldview/paradigm! Shame on you! tjguy
Not too far off topic is a recent documentary on our evolution. I quit watching at the part where the drawing of a fish and human embryo are identical http://youtu.be/cDenTqtOsUo MrCollins
Its not extreme stasis if its accurately within the evolution paradigm of explanation. Its very unlikely that such a biological entity could survivew unchanged in such timelines if the theory of biology is based on change over times influence. Nobody could be so bio reclusive while everyone else was zapped like crazy. Instead its simply that bacteria was common in the days when it was fossilized and so it was fossilized. Actually most of present life was alongside iot. It was just fossilized by the biblical flood. Evolutiondom does not welcome these examples. its an embarrassment and a hunch that the whole theory is wrong. How many life things must be found? I predict more. Robert Byers
The multiverse advocates want to do away with falsifiability because they see how useful it was for the Darwinists to have done so in order to preserve their faith in materialism. Jim Smith
Wow, I'm definitely glad that I didn't have a mouthful of coffee! The headline boldly states, "By not evolving, deep sea microbes may prove Darwin right." This is what's so brilliant about Darwinism! If the bacterial colonies had changed, the headline certainly would have stated something like, "By evolving without environmental changes, deep sea microbes may prove Darwin right." This would be followed by a discussion of genetic drift. Truly remarkable! -Q Querius
99.9% of all species that ever existed are extinct. These little buggers were hiding from Evolution. Can't blame them. "Let's hide in mud, Evolution will never think of looking there". Mud lol. What a great hiding place. ppolish

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