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Freedom to Mutate

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Mutations create variation in the gene pool, and the less favorable mutations are removed by natural selection, while more favorable ones tend to accumulate, resulting in evolutionary change. To give our children and children’s children the advantage of accelerated evolution, it is now possible to speed evolution with a new food supplement from Finch’s Foods. Details are HERE.
Finch's Mutation Paste
[Caution: May Cause Birth Defects]

The importance of our efforts at The BRITES is amplified due to the recent political pandering to the religious right at The Panda’s Thumb. Galapagos Finch
The links are great, but especially the historical data on Darwin provide much insightful (and even inciteful) glimpses into his his life and research. In 'Origin of the Origin', you mention that "Darwin's manuscript reached ultimately reached 250,000 words ..." I've read the recently published 'Emma's Diary' which totaled around the 252,000 words I believe. You might want to provide a link. Welcome to UD! LeeBowman
This is not so far from reality. For anyone familiar with Trader Joe's, a chain of somewhat-discount healthy grocery store laden with organic food. It is a great place to shop, and it has different names for its lines. For example, Italian food is labelled "Trader Giotta's", and Chinese food is given a label something along the lines of "Trader Mei Ling". So, what are the particularly healthy foods labelled? Bingo -- Trader Darwin's. I kid you not. Yes, and the message is that either only the more evolved among us select those particular mineral and phyto-chemical laden treats, or perhaps eating them will give us the Darwinian edge in the competition for scarce resources. At any rate, why not? The more it becomes part of popular culture, the bigger a farce it is shown to be. Reminds me of the later days on Communism in the Eastern Bloc nations. For those who travelled over there, remember the silly propoganda posters everywhere that no one took seriously except a few Party faithful? Yep, dying idealogies, much like dying trees, proliferate in sprouting all sorts of impotent offshoots. Ekstasis
Galapagos Finch is a newly added contributor to UD. I'm privy to his new product line, which will be unveiled as the Darwin fesitivities of 2009 (celebrating his birth and the publication of the Origin of Species) shift into high gear. William Dembski
Crash, you should click on the link and explore the website. ;) Is this the "real" Galapagos Finch or is it one of UD's resident tricksters? I love that Brites site, and I've seen it referenced at a couple of ID blogs over the past year. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. angryoldfatman
Details? What's in the stuff or is the whole thing a spoof? Crash

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