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From a very discreet conference, offering some frank takes on the bankrupt public Darwin cult


Some participants were flagged down at the airport afterward. Here are some great interviews (vid) at Ricochet (Claire Berlinski, editor), a “secret” conference of prominent idea people who are fed up with the cult. These feature Robert Marks and Rabbi Moshe Averick.

Robert Marks is a professor of engineering at Baylor University, who decided to inquire into the holiness of one of Darwin’s relics, the computer programs that supposedly prove him right. For that purpose, he founded the Evolutionary Informatics Lab. Marks’ dean got wind of it and, on his own initiative, removed the Lab from the university servers, amid howls of glee from the faithful. Here’s a reflection on that event: “The Great Escape: A Tribute to Bob Marks.”

Berlinski says of her conversation with Moshe Averick, the ID community reb and author of The Confused, Illusory World of the Atheist, which discusses the bankruptcy of current origin of life studies, among other things:

He’s completely charming: I wish you’d all had the chance to talk to him. As you might expect, given that he’s in the rabbi business, he felt like discussing the religious perspective on these ideas.

Not sure that New Atheist Christopher Hitchens would enjoy the conversation so much, Berlinski. Here, the maverick rabbi takes “the Elmer Gantry of modern atheism” to task for gross historical errors in his attacks on the Jewish religion. Many may be surprised to learn how much anti-Jewish material Hitchens’ book-length god is not Great screed features. The anti-Christian stuff has attracted more attention.

Note: Claire Berlinski is the daughter of mathematician David Berlinski. He was a student of Marcel Paul “Marco” Schutzenberger (1920-1996), a famous mathematicians who started speaking up about the implausibility of Darwinism in the 1960’s. He’s best known for continuing the tradition, as per his chapters in The Nature of Nature . Claire Berlinski is mining a rich vein for stories when she interviews her dad’s companions in reality-based doubt about the most pervasive public cult of our day. Indeed, for fear of the Darwin cult, legacy media typically witter on cue whatever is demanded, Mark Oppenheimer being an honorable exception who proved that the spell can be broken.

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